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“Walking into NFRC, I realized for the first time that I was not alone in my divorce.”

When Liz and her former husband decided to separate, she felt as though her entire family system was imploding from within. After many years of struggling with her marriage Liz felt lost trying to navigate the unfamiliar divorce process alone.

As a stay-at-home mom, much of Liz’s sense of self stemmed from her roles as a wife and mother. When she and her former husband began the divorce process she was overwhelmed by the fear that the dissolution of their marriage meant that she had failed her family. “It was devastating and I blamed myself completely for the pain I felt I was inflicting on my children,” Liz said of her then-crumbling world.

Through counseling and coaching from NFRC Liz was able to gain the confidence and perspective to be the strong parent her children needed. Participating in almost every service NFRC provides, including creating a customized Parenting Plan, individual coaching/counseling for Liz and her former husband, along with both group and individual therapy for all three of her children, Liz found the support she needed to help her family remain intact. “We had no idea how to navigate our divorce other then wanting our children to be in best emotional place as possible. NFRC always kept that as the focus. It was what fueled our commitment and success,” Liz said.

NFRC helped Liz and her family every step of the way during the transition process, especially during collaborative meetings with their divorce lawyers to ensure that every voice was being heard. There were even child specialists who represented each of her children’s perspectives, which was a real turning point and breakthrough for the parents. “It was surreal – my entire life was being presented in a room full of people whose goals were to take it apart and rebuild it in the best way possible to help my family.” Today Liz’s children are flourishing, and she and her  former husband have a positive, working relationship to maintain a healthy family dynamic.

“Seeing through the difficulties of divorce and realizing that what matters most is not just the individual, but the family unit in this new form—well, NFRC did that for us, and my gratitude is eternal.”


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