As the school year comes to a close and before everyone scatters for the summer, I would like to thank a very special group of children, teens and adults—NFRC’s peer counselors.

Peer counselors are like mailmen – nothing fazes them – rain, snow, sleet, exams, projects. They make it to NFRC.

Our peer counselors volunteer in a group for 12 weeks at a time. They listen, share information about themselves to help others realize they are not alone and provide a sense of hope; those they work with will feel better and survive their family changes.

Peer counselors speak at our co-parent education program, honestly sharing how they have been affected by family transitions and describing what they think children need. We can hear a pin drop when listening to them. Often life isn’t easy for them but they exude a wonderful example of continuing to work on their own challenges while reaching out to others.

Then there are Meg, Carly, Danny and Simone. You are amazing graduates and human beings, who have left a permanent mark on many teens and their families. The four of you donated countless hours to the center – at parent seminars, in groups, in our KidsConnex programs. I will miss your sense of humor, sensitivity and capacity to give to others. I have so much respect for your high aspirations and  wonderful sense of loyalty.  Think about the teens you have reached, the parents you have educated and the indelible gifts you have offered. I will forever respect all of you.

Meg, who will ask about my coffee?

With warmest wishes to all peer counselor and congratulations to our graduates,

Risa, Carolyn, Pam, Kathy and the NFRC Staff

CO-PARENT SEMINARS: Click here for directions on how to register for online programs. COUNSELING SESSIONS: If you are seeking individual, couple, co-parenting, group therapy or our KidsConnex and other online programs, please contact our office at 410-740-9553 x100. For all other questions, please call 410-740-9553 at either x100 or x208.