Be a Lasting Holiday Gift for Your Children


If you’re a frequent user of social media, you can’t help but notice your streams are suddenly full of photographs and instant memories of families gathering for the holidays. Perhaps the pictures reflect dazzling children performing at winter recitals, making cookies, or eagerly anticipating Santa’s arrival. Other friends may be sharing eight nights of family togetherness, bonding over Hanukkah traditions new and old, while still others are celebrating what’s good in their lives through Kwanzaa candle ligh...

Back to School: A Gift for You, A Must for your Children


Millions of school children have recently returned to school. Regardless of age, this new beginning brings with it excitement, anxiety and fresh goals for children. Some of these children have been told about their parents’ separation or are beginning to live what their parents have explained to them: two homes, one school, some days going to school from one parent’s home, the other days the second parent’s home. Sometimes, there are tears when the first graders get on the wrong bus to return home. No matter ...

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